Call to Action for Open Education

The group below, listed five major tasks.  The first task listed was “We must encourage the reuse and remixing of rich media.”  Just take a look at our definitions and recommended strategies for using digital media objects and digital learning objects. On the page of this blog called “Definitions, Examples of Digital Learning Objects, Media Objects

The second task for the NMC and UOC is:  “We must embrace the full promise of mobile devices as learning platforms.”  This is a another area where 5DDigital Communication has been working and designing and developing new strategies.

Web-based learning with DLOs

“Why Would Your Students Give Up Theirs, if the President Didn’t?  ” Interactives Session presentation, New Media Consortium Summer Conference, Monterey, CA, with Kimberly Conely, June 10-13, 2009.

Forty internationally known leaders in open education and technology met in Barcelona on October 19-20, 2009, at the NMC’s first official European event, theOpen EdTech Summit, cosponsored by the Open University of Catalunya and theNew Media Consortium. Together, this extraordinary group considered the question of how to design educational institutions that fully embrace open education as means of being truly responsive to the needs of contemporary society and of today’s students.

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