Storage, retrieval, indexing of digital media objects (DMOs)

AM, Karen, Kimberly
5D Digital Communications

The methods used to store and retrieve learning objects and DMOs will impact their usage and utility for different types of learning and instructions.  For this reason, the system used for storing and retrieving DMOs for instruction must be designed to facilitate usage.  A system for indexing multimedia objects is being addressed by information organizations and suggestions for the indexing include adding intellectual characteristics to the present physical characteristics.   Multimedia objects (as compared to learning objects and traditional text) are more open to interpretation by users and more applicable across disciplines.  A system that categorizes, catalogues, and tags the objects will differ from the text system and will be more complex.  The need for such an indexing system is becoming more necessary as digital media collections are becoming more common and media within them is used, remixed (e.g. digital music or Youtube productions) and redefined.  What has happened since the easy access and availability of the internet and digitizing tools is that different media become “hybridized” creating new “Text” (Conely, 2008).


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