Media Literacy

23 Dec

What does and will it mean to be media literate?  People argue over whether or not you should be able to use or just view the new media tools.  There are many tools that are simple to use and can add to both the quality of work life but also to enjoyment in our personal lives.  Here are some of the cloud tools that can add to work life: xtimeline is a nifty timeline tool Another nifty timeline comiqs is a web based tool for creating comic books l Glogster-the creation of multimedia posters

Turn your pics into Glogs on xtranormal is a fascinating video creation tool that generates audio from a text script

Also view this video on media literacy:

Many people are receiving the benefits of being media literate.


One Response to “Media Literacy”

  1. Jim Dachos December 28, 2009 at 4:43 pm #

    Try for school safe learning environments for up to 200 students and functionality not seen on Glogster. Check it out

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