Weddings and Emerging Media

Weddings, when you are the parents of the bride, can be stressful but happy events especially when you are being assisted by the new media tools.  Take my case, a wedding on the Big Island, Hawaii.  Never been there.  Nor had the bride, etc.  Locating venues, housing, air and local transportation, bands, caterers and  other  arrangements are made via internet from Michigan, Colorado, Kansas, New York, Chicago and California.

House on farm
The Farm, Hilo, Hawaii, the wedding venue

You arrive and find out that there is no cell phone coverage.  Yet everyone stays in contact via Google Voice.  Digital cameras and camcorders document the preparations and side trips to volcanoes are juggled with market visits and arranging for airport pickups of guests who have texted their progress.  Professors turn in grades on time and post their next semester’s course outlines.  A playwright interviews an actor for a scheduled stage reading and Youtube describes the happenings to the folks on the mainland.


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