Limits and Lemons

Have you ever limited yourself when you didn’t have to?  I was editing the video (raw footage) from my daughter’s wedding with a ten-minute limit in mind.  I was thinking that 10 minutes or less of video would be easier to post or to send electronically.  Although a lot of the raw footage was very amateurish, there were still many scenes that I wanted to share with friends and relatives who could not make the trip to Hawai’i.  Then the lightbulb went on.  I could include all the relevant, cutesy and beautiful parts and put them on DVDs which I could put in the snail mail via media mail.  It would not be instantaneous but would be a much better way of sharing the moments.  Additionally I could include the footage of the ziplining and of our visit to the volcano.  Voila!

I also just found out that when my husband and I are on our wilderness trip to Yellowstone next month there will no internet and limited cell phone access.  Bummer.  I like to blog everyday and my professor husband has online students with whom he would like to keep in touch.  Well, he is going to rearrange assignments so that some are due before we leave and he can download and review while on the trip and have the feedback ready as soon as we get back.  Since I have just gotten Kindle working on my iTouch, I am going to download some books and report on the experience of reading an entire book from my handheld.

Limits and lemons can become lemonade and new opportunities.  After next month’s trip I will have a lot of material for new stories and insights to put on this blog.

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