What do you do with no TV or internet during Super Bowl?

That is what happened when we were at the Snowmass Lodge in Yellowstone on Super Bowl Sunday.  However, we had old technology, an AM radio that received CBS.  Also we could google the score on our cell phone.  Directions for googling scores.

1.  Go to text messages, new,

2.  Enter google as the number, 466453 (just those numbers)

3.  In message area put in the name of a sports team who is currently playing, e.g., colts

4.  Send and wait for the reply message.

5.  When you get the message received signal, open and read score.

This works for other sports, weather (need city or zip code) , headlines etc., just enter different text in message area.  If you want movie times you have to use the zip code and name of movie in message box.

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