Crowd Sourcing

Interesting article in the airplane magazine,, author Mya Frazier, February 2010 on Crowd Sourcing.  According to article it is a way to “harness [sic] ideas and opinions of the masses.”  The various web sites that were explored included (submit t-shirt ideas and designs for cash and credit),, (readers contribute ideas on creative projects) (connects “seekers” of solutions with “solvers) (for $99 one can get feedback from others on ideas and/or products you thought up).  It was a good read and gave me a break from all those books on my iTouch.  Also, now I know where to go with that idea that comes to me in the middle of the night.

1 thought on “Crowd Sourcing”

  1. What P&G does with ‘Connect and Develop’, What DELL does with Ideastorm, what Kodak does with Social Media, ideaken can do the same for your enterprise.

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