Web Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach

According tho these authors,the web as a science has two aspects (or personalities if you prefer)—the micro and the macro. It has evolved from the storage of databases and communication between programmers to sets of interconnected documents produced by developers and users. It is poised to grow into a semantic web where the underlying documents can be referred to as real-world objects. That’s part of the micro aspect. In the macro, it has become bigger than its developers and designers. It is now as much a creation of the users as those software engineers who programmed it. It has become more symbiotic in that the users are affecting its behavior. The search engines are an early example of this symbiosis. The algorithms that had been written to display certain results became social engineered by users. People are affected by the web technologies, but those technologies are also affected by the usage of the people. It is fast becoming a part of the wider system of human interaction and is taking on the complexity of unpredictability of humans.
Web science: an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the web
Hendler, J, Shadblt, N., Hall,. W., Berners-Lee, T, and Weitzner, D. (2008), Communicatins of the ACM, 51(7) 60-69


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