Ideas for simple educational/learning products using available software

As part of an action research project, my students will be working with teachers, librarians and community leaders in Nicaragua to improve their interaction and usage with iMacs that are part of a donation program.  These iMacs are older and some do not connect to the internet even if it is available.  Most teachers already know and use the jeopardy game that is based on powerpoint.  But there are other ways that these commonly available software products can be used in classrooms or 3rd educational places.   Both word and pages, can be used for keeping work diaries, making posters, flyers and brochures, stories, reports.  Excel and numbers are useful for putting in calculations, making projections, creating charts.  Powerpoint and keynote both work for storytelling (especially those that contain graphics), simple games (like jeopardy), flash cards, presentations, quick quizes, picture and photo interpretations.  I hope to come up with other ideas to use basic software to create lessons and learning exercises that do not require an internet connection.


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