My favorite and (more importantly) most productive iPad apps

my iPad
One of my screens, showing apps

Just saw a blog post on reasons to love an iPad and decided that I needed to look at the apps on my iPad and distinguish why and how I use them.

I need to point out that some of the reasons I am able to be productive using my iPad are:

1.  It is unobtrusive during meetings when I want to take notes or document using the camera

2.  Can open more than one app at a time

3.  People seem to like to see it and to use it and it is sharable

So here they are categorized.

Productivity:  Evernote, Dropbox, Safari (to get to my online classes, Google docs, RSS feeds), iBooks, Kno, and Amazon (reading books, pdfs, etc.), TED, Camera for documenting and recording, Keynote for training and class presentations, Prezi (same)

Communications:  Twitter, Facebook

News, Weather:  I check NYT and USA Today and TWC everyday but this would be a personal preference.  Also use NPR but not as often.

Entertainment:  Amazon (again, love thrillers and mysteries), Overdrive (borrowing books from my local library), Scrabble, Alchemy, TED, Smithsonian. MLB At Bat

This is the link to the other blog that posted favorite iPad apps.  Check it out, I did.


1 thought on “My favorite and (more importantly) most productive iPad apps”

  1. Thanks for the great list, there are some on here I haven’t used yet. I will definitely be checking it out. I just downloaded Pages, since Word hasn’t developed an app yet. I’ll let you know if it compares.

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