Howard Rheingold’s Netsmart: How to Thrive Online

Great Webinar today from New Media Consortium.  Here are my notes:

Netsmart–Teach your students to swim and get out of shallow end of pool.

5 literacies: attention, participation, collaboration, crap detection, network know-how

Cameras in front and back of room.  Student multitask in media

5% can effectively multitask

Can attention be trained–mindfullness, meditation can help, metacognition,

it’s not information overload, it’s filter failure… *Clay sharky

Lack of training in attention,

Can be trained

Breathe, email apnea

Attention to intention (how the mind changes the brain)

Crap detection

Easy Who is, can find authors of internet

Think like a detective, look for design, author, search to learn,

Search on author,

Triangulate, need 3 legitimate sources,

If nobody in your network annoys you, you are in an echo chamber (most people network with people with whom they agree).

Kathleen Johnson: nerves that fire together…wire together


Curation transforms information overload to Knowledge

power law of participation

Collective intelligence to Collaborative intelligence

Tag, bookmark,

Delicious, Digg   Others help you filter

Curation send signals to others and others will share information with you.

Cultivate social capital

Participatory Culture

Howard Rheingold, March 22, 2012

Improve the commons

Don’t just consume, create

social bookmarks, links on pages

Crap detect thyself

Howard Rheingold, March 22, 2Smart

Smart Mobs

Virtual Communities

Swarm Computing

Crowd sourcing

Collective Intelligence


Network Awareness

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