Text book for CS820, Usability and Interaction

In previous instruction of CS820, the books that were used to take students step-by-step through the process of user interface design and the book on usability testing were written by two different authors: Heim, S. (2008). The Resonant Interface, Pearson Education, Boston;
Rubin, J. and Chisnell, D. (2008). Handbook of Usability Testing, Wiley, Indianapolis. The feedback on these texts was that they were quite useful and informative but wasn´t there one book that could do the work of the two. Being students, they had many other lives and carrying around two texts when one would do seemed reasonable. For that and for other reasons, the new text book for this term will be an edited book: User Experience Re-Mastered Ed. Wilson, C. (2010), Elsevier, Burlington, MA. It combines interface design with usability testing and in the process uses ¨masters¨ in each of the fields and processes. Chapter one which defines usability is written by Jacob Nielson and Chapter two on user needs analysis is written by Tom Brink, Darren Gergle, and Scott D. Wood. It is structured into 4 parts: Defining, Generating Ideas, Designing, and Evaluation, Analysis.


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