Advice on proper citation for good research

Anne-Marie Armstrong
Anne-Marie Armstrong

People who are new to reading and producing research sometimes skim over and ignore the proper usage of citation.  The citation might be in a print or electronic article, a media or multi-media presentation, a blog posting or even an annotated bibliography.   Not only is the reference citation important to proper research but the citations in the content itself are important.   Readers or viewers of research need to be able to use citations for follow-up and for credibility.   There is so much research now available.  It is more important than ever to be able to produce and interpret the citations.   Here a few tips for graduate students about using citation in written papers.

If you use the following words in the body of your paper:   increase, decrease, more than, less than, costs, or comparative numbers, as students, you need evidence, support, i.e., citation.

If you present something new, personal, newly created, or new in the field, be certain to state what existed before hand and why this something is different, better, worse, than what is presently being used by a profession or field.   Know what is, and why before proposing change and show that you know what is and why (if only by a good citation).

Proper use of citation is not a joke.  It improves research.  It provides knowledge to reader.   It allows the electronic copies to be properly created and searchable in database.   It is content, punctuation, placement and format.

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