Social Media and our Lives

group of beanie babies
Searching for beanie babies.

Been asked to prepare a presentation for CTU students on social media, uses and applications.  Thought I would post a recent example of how I used social media to solve a problem and complete a task.  Before going to Nicaragua to assist InnerCHANGE Works  and do some independent research, I asked if there was anything that I could bring in my luggage.  “Could use some ‘beanie babies’ for the students in place of puppets” was the reply.  Not being a grandparent yet, I was not certain where I could get  a substantial amount at an affordable price.  So I posted on Facebook to my friends in Southeast Michigan.  You see I thought I only had time to go to the usual discount stores in the area.  Immediately my friends promised to keep an eye out at the various stores where beanie babies might be found.  Also one friend suggested the local Craigs List.  And there were some very cute beanie babies for sale in the local area.  I was all set to start canvassing the recommended spots on Monday morning when my son-in-law in California commented in Facebook, “Have you tried eBay?”   He reconnoitered and found “beanie baby lots” available for auction.   Outcome was that within an hour and half I successfully bid on a lot of 30 and they could be delivered before my flight.  All for an extremely reasonable cost.

Hope to have more suggestions and examples for my CTU presentation.


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