One Tablet per Child and Matching Job Availability to Course Requirements

Ordered my one tablet per child from Walmart.  It will ship about August 7.  Plan to do some experimenting and then find out if available in Spanish.

Been seeing a lot of available jobs at Ford Motor for human factors design experts and usability design and development engineers.  So I posted some of the requirements to my CS820 course announcements.   Those job requirements are pretty well matching the CS820 course objectives.   For example:  Job Duties

Conceptualize and design exceptional innovative visual design for the UI of Ford and Lincoln vehicles

Participate in research and synthesize findings into actionable insights

Modeling information structures, screen layouts, screen flows and other UI attributes

Developing matrices, frameworks and models that clearly illustrate the user experience story

Conceptualize, iterate and prototype next-gen interactive vehicle experiences

Design a intuitive user interface design and develop the same in HTML

Handle the UI requirements form the customer directly

Architect the UI, based on the requirements

Translating the requirements to wireframes

Discuss Ideas with client, incorporate the same in wireframes

Convert the wireframes to Rich Graphical designs

Develop Wire frames and Rich graphics for Desktop, Tablets and Mobile devices


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