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Breaking rules for maintaining a good blog, it has been over a month since I have written a post here.  Of course, I can list excuses of work, family, etc. but I have been writing so why could I not post.   I think it was because I just was not thinking about it.  For now I will use this post to reflect on what I have been doing and what I need to do.  I participated in a MOOC on Geomapping but did not finish.  I taught three courses at Colorado Tech and one at Oakland Community College.  I submitted a chapter for SAGE which is now being re-written to the requirements of a reviewer.   Made a presentation at the request of a group.  Many changes were taking place at the online institution where I teach and my colleagues and I supported each other and submitted many suggestions to improve the learning.  Several of my mentee progressed and reached graduation.  Today I will work on a submittal to Educause that will be co-presented by one of my former mentees.  Wondering right now if any of the above was worth my personal time and effort.  Also picked raspberries

Dawn on River
Always new beginnings.

Things on my to do list include creating better mobile books for students and coming up with a design that typifies my favorite book.  Perhaps I am just not focused.  Will let you know.

Berry Picking
Berry Picking

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