Sometimes you just have to do it.

Would not ordinarily post something that could be divisive, but then you just have to.  Note that the original data is from a very conservative source:

Jonathan Strong at the (very) conservative National Review’s The Corner has some of the list, in “Revealed: The House GOP’s Debt-Ceiling Plan.” (I have added in parentheses the most likely paying client that asked for the insertion of a particular demand.)

  • One-year Obamacare delay. (Insurance companies.) This would mean 11 million Americans remain uninsured.
  • Tax reform based on Ryan Budget principles. (Billionaires and giant corporations.) Cuts top personal income and top corporate rates to 25 percent. Cut taxes on foreign profits. An analysis of Republican Rep. Paul Ryan tax plan done by the Center for Budget and policy Priorities said this “would provide the lion’s share of their benefits to high-income households and corporations. This would cut $5.7 trillion from revenue in the next decade.
  • Fast-track authority for tax reform legislation – meaning it has to be given an “up-or-down” vote with no amendments.
  • Keystone Pipeline construction. (Canadian oil companies.) This gives Canadian oil companies “eminent domain” power to seize farmland across the U.S. so they can sell tar-sands oil to China. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates constructing the pipeline would increase annual carbon emissions by up to 27.6 million metric tons, equivalent to 6 million cars on the road. Once it’s built, it would create only about 35 new pipeline jobs.
  • Rescind coal ash regulations. (Coal companies.) This would allow coal companies to pollute. (House-passed bill H.R. 2218 gives states greater authority to regulate coal waste. It does not include a standard of protection to ensure that coal ash is disposed of safely, that groundwater is protected from contamination, that air pollution is adequately controlled, or that dam failures are prevented.)
  • Energy production on federal lands. (Oil companies.) This would allow oil companies to pollute federal land.
  • Block EPA carbon regulations. (Coal and oil companies.) This would allow oil companies to pollute and cause earth’s temperature to rise with no limit.
  • Enact the “REINS Act” (Giant corporations) and regulatory process reform. (Giant corporations.) This would give House Republicans (billionaires and giant corporations) veto power over executive-branch regulations intended to hold big corporations accountable for what they do to the environment, public health and general well-being of the public.
  • Consent decree reform. (Racist billionaires.) Allows states to intimidate and suppress minority voters by using pre-election tactics that might deter qualified voters from casting ballots.
  • Blocking net neutrality. (Giant telecom corporations.)
  • Make the “sequester” spending levels permanent. (Billionaires.)
  • Reduce federal employee pensions. (Wall Street.)
  • Dilute the Dodd-Frank Wall Street regulations. (Wall Street.)
  • Weaken the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. (Wall Street.)
  • Get rid of the child tax credit. (Racist billionaires.) Requires individuals to provide a child’s Social Security number to receive this benefit. This means that parents filing their federal taxes using a tax identification number, which enables immigrants who are not eligible for Social Security numbers to file and pay federal taxes, would no longer be eligible for the credit.
  • Repealing the Social Services Block grant. (Billionaires.) This would eliminate a source of federal funding for day care for children or adults, protective services for children or adults, special services to persons with disabilities, adoption, case management, health-related services, transportation, foster care for children or adults, substance abuse, housing, home-delivered meals, independent/transitional living, employment services, and myriad other social services found necessary by the State for its population.
  • Shrink the Prevention and Public Health Fund. This pays for training primary care doctors and supporting healthy corner stores – and parts of the new health care exchanges.
  • Shrink Medicare benefits. (Insurance companies.)
  • Tort “reform.” (Giant corporations, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies.) This would make it harder for regular people to sue big corporations and other interests for the harms they might cause.
  • Reduce support for hospitals that treat poor patients, usually in urban areas.

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