Comparing online and on board courses, graduate v. undergraduate

This is a good place and time to talk about my experiences in two different educational environments.  Presently I teach online in a doctoral program and on the ground in an undergraduate program at a community college.  In many ways the two types of instruction complement each other.   I use many examples of the doctoral students trials and triumphs to encourage the community college students to set their goals as high as they want and even higher.  The community college class not keeps me grounded (excuse the pun) but provides an access to a world that is not too colored by academia and corporate shenanigans.   There is not telling where education in this country may end up, but it seems to be rapidly evolving.  My CC students have great attendance, contribute to class discussion, complete their work and provide a glimpse into the kind of world where they will need to survive.   One of my rapper looking students leaves his ear phones on (except when we are one-on-one) but never misses the beat because his assignments are impeccable.   My doctoral candidates provide me with another viewpoint and also some hope that once this educational disruption settles my replacement will also see the value and fun of being an instructor.


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