Big Data

I attended a New Media Consortium session on Big Data .

The reason I think others would be interested in this session (it was recorded so you should be able to watch once it is uploaded) is that 1) one of my students is on the cutting edge of using big data for education and 2) one student is working with the design of course management systems  that can be the source of big data.  Interesting possibilities emerge for the use of Big Data in education.  I was especially intrigued when someone suggested that the data being collected might replace standardized testing as a means of evaluating instruction.   What do you think?  Some other ideas that emerged from the session are listed below.


Words analysis

Mining existing data (of communities)  finding invisible communities,

Solving problems

Data is an ally, can tell your story, combined with expertise

Need Open APIs

STEMex profiles of students

Change thinking and ways of doing

Balance of privacy and usage

Opt outs, wipe outs guarantee

portability and ownership

(example, garbage trucks and landfills)

Other Recommendations

Don’t look at data blindly, needs reflection, other viewpoints,

Be data driven and curious

Recognize personal interests and offer connections, experiences

Balance quantitative with qualitative

Share between institutions

What new questions will emerge


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