Cable TV bankrupt by 2014?

Just read the prediction that Comcast could be bankrupt by 2014 (this in a financial article about current trends).  Of course people have predicted the death of mainframes for a long time and it still has not taken place.   The same financial article said that the physical infrastructure for phones is not being maintained.  So where does this lead?  Is it like letting your roads go?  Yes, everyone is thinking wireless and internet.  But that is only part of the system.  Wireless  is still dependent on physical connections.  In your home, your internet is running off a router that is connected to something, right?   Maybe I will not have to worry about the phone line in my house that is part of the connection for my router, but then what?  The phone line from my condo unit needs to connect to the underground wires and they connect to a trunk line, maybe?   Or perhaps they set up big microwave lines that are much cheaper than copper.  How many satellites are up in the stratosphere?  They are being maintained.   In any case I think these predictions are premature.   Just interested because I am a cable cutter.   No cable TV.  Wouldn’t mind having local stations, but that is a lot of work and inefficient in the system as it exists.  (with  Terry R. Armstrong, breakfast conversation, November 19, 2013)

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