Tweeting the Doctoral Symposium

Had the idea to connect all my doctoral mentees through tweeting.  Two are attending the Colorado Technical University Symposium in Denver and two are not.   Also I was not invited to come, so I felt left out.   So now the tweeting has begun.  First day was very satisfactory.   @ctuniversity was working well and I saw that my mentees were following it.  That meant that we could tweet our reflections and questions through that Tweeter.  (Is that the right word?)  Also found some other students and faculty who were also following.   The tweets also appear on the side of this blog.  Today the students are attending classes and may not be able to tweet but if they want they can.   Also it gave me a way to post questions about the entire symposium since it was being held in a different venue.   Hurrah for social media and microblogging.




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