NMC Social Networks and Education, February 5, 2014

Attended another of the NMC series panels.  This one on Social Networks.   Participants and key ideas:

Jared Bendis, Creative New Media CaseWestern U, Higher Ed, Young need to act responsibly, old need to act.  Adopt technologies naturally.   Listening and speaking with social media.  Getting credits on social media is not fully acceptable.   Young can be stupid about usage.  Ferpa, Need to use organically.

Steve Hargadon, Moderator, The Learning Revolution

Julian Reed, St. George’s Memphis, K-12  Tools have changed.  Youtube, Facebook, Ning, Tumbler, Google+, use with purpose.   Public or private.  Have settings.  Have to be ready to adopt.   Also what are your friends using?   Specifically Twitter in Kindergarten,  appropriate use, FB can provide a voice for some.  Mini blogs, microblogs, Focused discussion with Google+.   Used with problem-based learning using FB.  Can make a difference.  Must protect student data (under 13)

Miriam Newcomer, SFMOMA, FB, Twitter, Tumbler, Flicker, Youtube, Google+ Get to know audience, broader than just physical visitors,  changes marketing, push messages, 2-way communication, Art is for Everyone.   Visitors are comfortable but staff not so much.  Need acceptance by staff.  Creates activity and interaction.  No shortcuts.  Need to test, evaluate, prove to staff.   Likes, Comments, Conversations, track examples of what is working.  Integral to marketing and education.

Can get metrics also.  Is this an actual shift for learning?   Makes world smaller.  Can connect to primary sources.  Democratization of information and sources.  Need to be really good researchers.  Libraries are pathways.  Believe everything or nothing.  Put filers in place.  World becomes smaller.  Students create content (very powerful).  ongoing learning, does not stop.  Connections made.  Spark conversations and getting a WHY from someone in audience.   More digestible information, more contributions to knowledge and to specific content.  More instant, need to be nimble.  Can get needed information, correct mistakes.

Skill sets needed by those who use social networks include:  (1) Blogging publicly to understand public communication and sharing.  (2.) Public networking is NOT just about being true.  Can communicate ideas in different ways without causing embarrassment or problems for others.  (3) Privacy is understanding how you control your message.  (4) There are different levels of participation.  (5) Public networking means you cannot always edit  and cannot take things back.  You only move forward.  Many roles and many skills are needed including Organizer,  Monitor, Editor,  Access expert.    It’s a tool and has purpose.

Recording will be posted on NMC website http://www.nmc.org/

Gamification will be next panel series, March 5.   Register early for this event.  Also be sure to get the NMC latest report.

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