Internet of Things and Smart Cities: what happens when the ‘unconnected’ connect | SiliconANGLE

Up until now, the Internet has been used primarily as a medium for the transfer and exchange of data and information and has been optimized for access and speed. Experts now agree that the next phase of the “Internet for the People” brought by the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT leads a sweeping cultural change as a huge number of machines, devices, sensors, actuators, and other objects become interconnected to each other and to higher-level systems. Due to the enormous amount of variety of connectable devices and automatically collected data entirely new services and features may arise, which are to form the basis of, among others concepts, “Smart Cities”.

IoT and big data are both technology-driven developments. The IoT and Smart City scenario will bring enormous market opportunities as well as make citizen lives smarter. The products around us are becoming more intelligent. Furthermore, these developments change our behavior!

We are in the midst of an era where we are discovering new opportunities brought to life by new hardware and software designed to take advantage of the flow of new personal and global data.

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