Back to my blog

Have been advising so many to start and maintain a blog but have not followed my own advice.   Have noticed that blogging and maintaining a blog is now a life skill, employment skill.   Perhaps that would be a nice sideline.

So dutoolbookring my hiatus from the blog I have maintained my teaching at Colorado Technical University but since moving to Columbus, Ohio, had to resign from Oakland Community College.  OCC is a great school and I miss the students and faculty.  However, I am enrolled at the Columbus State Community College and begin an introductory class on September 2.   Turns out that the text book is from a publisher with which I am very familiar, Cengage.   Already I have learned some cool tips for using my mac.

Will be learning the basics of Illustrator and Photoshop which I have used in the past, but never treelogohad formal training.   Would like to design a new logo for myself and this blog based on an original drawing.

So it is a good time to get back to this blog.


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