Some Fresh Ideas for Instructional Design

sevenSaw an ad for a free ebook and it had some great ideas about which I want to write.
The book is Creative Instruction Design – 7 Learning Strategies That You can Use by Asha Pandey. The first two learning strategies are based on story-based learning with either linear or branched scenarios. Great ways to get involvement and engagement.

I used such scenarios in a variety of instructional and training contexts. It is fun to see students learn about data bases by using a stories about their own and others’ cars. All of my students and trainees seem to know so many details about the cars they own or wish they owned. Quite a database is built and integrated into the learning process.

The branched scenario is a perfect vehicle for jump starting critical thinking and problem solving and was used when I was involved in airport and IT security. Story telling using branched scenarios also encourages group involvement and crowd sourcing of solutions.

The next learning strategies involve narratives which are closely connected to story-based learning. Will add my comments to those strategies in my next posting.

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