More about learning strategies

sevenSaw an ad for a free ebook and it had some great ideas about which I want to write.
The book is Creative Instruction Design – 7 Learning Strategies That You can Use by Asha Pandey.

As promised the next learning strategies presented in the book are narrative through discussion and narrative based on Q&A. The difference between the two is the number of principle participants. A narrative through discussion will involve more than one in the discussion, preferably somewhere around 6 or 7 (my preference). This happens in many online courses in what are known as discussion boards. The discussion is begun by the instructor or facilitator but then can take different branches or threads. The best discussion board threads result in creativity, collaboration, and insights. An example I use is in my course Usability and Interaction.

1. We are biased by 3 factors: the past (our experience) the present (current context) the future (our goals). Think of a time when your perception was biased by one or two or all of the factors, Describe and explain.

As you can imagine the narratives can take on a life of their own and the results lasts throughout the course.


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