More Creative Instructional and Learning Strategies

More about Asha Pandey The Creative Instructional Design Featuring 7 Learning Strategiesseven
5. Case study/master scenarios featuring real-world situations and examples, also featuring guided exploration and active learning
6. Scenario-based learning (SBL) featuring multiple paths, examples, and non-examples
7. Active learning approach (with examples, non-examples and interactive exercises

Case studies are not new but they need to be kept fresh and current to have maximum impact. And there are many sources that provide those case studies. What is important is that the case study have enough detail to allow discussion and the generation of possible solutions. What has worked best for me is to generate my case studies from my own experiences. Working as the sole ID at the Government Printing Office provided many examples. Hosting training for marketing personnel in South Africa and Thailand extended the examples I had and provided new perspectives for students.

The case studies can also lead to scenario-based learning. I have taken a past experience and changed the context somewhat to become a scenario with different paths. And this then becomes very interactive. I also like to assign students to group work where they create scenarios. In usability testing the students must create user profiles showing and naming the types and levels of users and then write a scenario where different named users perform tasks. It is very powerful and clarifies the importance of having actual users give feedback.


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