Teaching Dentistry using animation

A summary and citations:

The use of technology via computer games contributes to the learning process and stimulates the advancement of new behavioral skills. Moreover, its use coupled with the opportunity to carry out simulations of daily occurrences reduces costs and also makes the dissemination of knowledge feasible in a more interactive and didactic way (Paiva, Machado, Valença, & Moraes, 2013). The use of audiovisual resources, such as animations, has been of the upmost importance in application for better assimilation of knowledge, since it uses a language the students are more comfortable with, and provides understanding without the need to reproduce an imagined reality, and generates a message that the professor wishes to convey that goes beyond verbal language (Junior et al., 2014).

Paiva, P. V. F. et al. (2013). Uma Proposta de Serious Game para o Ensino de Biossegurança em Odontologia. Pesquisa Brasileira em Odontopediatria e Clínica Integrada, 13(2), 135-139. http://dx.doi.org/10.4034/PBOCI.2013.132.00
Junior, A. de S. O. et al (2014). Desenvolvimento de animação para a odontologia como ferramenta no processo educacional. RFOUPF, 19(3). Retrieved from http://seer.upf.br/index.php/rfo/article/view/3861/3296

International Education Studies; Vol. 10, No. 4; 2017
Published by Canadian Center of Science and Education
The Use of Technologies for Teaching Dentistry in Brazil: Reflections from an Integrative Review Henrique Salustiano Silva1, Rita Catia Bariani2, Hatsuo Kubo2, Tais Pereira Leal2, Roberta Ilinsky2, Thalita Borges2, Kurt Faltin Jr.2 & Cristina Lucia Feijó Ortolani2

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