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I have a tendency to try to study everything at once, especially when it is such an interesting topic and has so many applications. The following article is about instructional designers use of media in their work. To me, one of the findings is that neither novice nor expert instructional designers included the media choice in their analysis phase even though most ADDIE compilations will extend the first step analysis to the learners, the content, the objectives and the tools or media used.

Hoard, Stephen Brent, “The Influence of Multimedia Production Knowledge on the Design Decisions of the Instructional Designer” (2016). STEMPS Theses & Dissertations. 11.

“In the present study, one particular trend stood out from even the variance in depth of analysis between experts and novices. Certain instructional designers were adopting media as an initial step in their instructional design workflow and, if they used analysis at all, analysis was used only at a cursory level to rule out the early media selection. Both expert and novice instructional designers exhibited this media-first behavior, though the novices did so at greater rates.” p. 54


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