Animation of Statistics, good partnership

Enriching the statistics learning experience with D3.js interactive animations: Insurance applications of Markov chains, Antonio Fernández Morales, Universidad de Málaga

“Interactive visualisations, combined with real time simulations, are becoming a key element in the new approaches to Statistics learning in Higher Education. On the one hand, these tools allow students to experiment with models and data in real time, facilitating the comprehension of abstract models, while easing the perception of the dynamic features of the processes, which sometimes constitute the main barrier to an adequate understanding. Although the simulator was presented by the lecturer in an in-class demonstration, students made an intensive use by their selves, for personal study and also for preparing groups projects. This is an interesting feature that adds value this kind of resources. Their versatility relies on being available on a multiplicity of devices and, at the same time, being very easy to use and apply. Thus, students with different learning styles should use them in several ways: as a complement in face-to-face classroom sessions, as a resource in their personal study time, or as a resource to include in their collaborative projects presentations, to enrich them with interactive and dynamic elements.”


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