Story telling with and without multimedia versus traditional teaching of Chinese Idioms

Li EH and Hew HS, “Better Learning of Chinese Idioms through Storytelling: Current Trend of Multimedia Storytelling” The Electronic Journal of e-Learning Volume 15 Issue 5 2017, (pp455-466) available online at

The findings supported using multimedia storytelling for learning Chinese idioms.  Additionally the essential components of storytelling are combined with the cognitive theories of multimedia learning.

The interactive buttons allow the students to decide and control their learning paces without proceeding too fast. Thus, the students are able to repeat and recall their learning according to their willingness. In addition, the use of visual elements during the storytelling has assisted the students to visualize and understand the backstory better, especially the circumstance and characters. The narration which is used as an aider in the story description has also made the storytelling vividly and lively. The information is therefore garnered in the students’ working memories for a longer time due to the stimulation of visual and auditory senses simultaneously (Mayer, 2005; 2009; 2014).



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