Transactional Distance Theory and Mobile Learning

M-learning devices are suitable for furthering learning under the transactional distance theory because for the following reasons:
1. Portability means that the users have a choice of where and when and what
2. Screen sizes can vary from small to bigger; from convenient to utilitarian
3. Computing power and capacity mean instant power /off on and instant selection of applications
4. Data synchronization with other devices and the ability to discover and capture data from world-wide sources is possible for both group and individual work
5. The devices have a broad range of applications, textual, visual, social, and communicative
6. The devices have organizational capabilities (calendars, to do lists, note taking).
7. Separate hardware input devices are not needed; the only digits on one’s hand are needed
8. Users become both receivers and producers of information
9. Users are already aware of the devices’ functionalities and have experienced its usability
10. The devices allow collaboration among learners and teachers, including f2f collaboration
11. Ownership of a device equals more involvement in learning


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