No More Bullet Points

Found this so interesting that I need to post it. For better learning during your lectures use thoughtful, debatable questions or visuals that are thought provoking and invite alternative explanations. Engage the “audience”. Let students construct their learning. Guide when needed. You will also benefit from the ideas and explanations that are generated.

Specifically, researchers have found that comprehension often suffers when learners get lost in a barrage of distilled facts and generalizations. Bullet-point lectures rarely engage audiences in critical active learning strategies such as discussion, debate, introspection, social interaction and problem-solving. Additionally, bullet lectures often combine displayed text, spoken words and images in ways that may actually hinder comprehension and make learning more difficult (Jordan & Papp, 2013).

AuthorsMitch Ricketts (Northeastern State University, Broken Arrow) Document IDASSE-18-09-34PublisherAmerican Society of Safety Engineers


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