Photo 7Anne-Marie Armstrong received her PhD in Instructional Design and Development from the University of South Alabama.  She spent several years on the Gulf Coast working on various design projects for the US Navy.  Later she switched to Florida’s Atlantic Coast and worked on a multimedia course used by the Federal Aviation Agency.  Following this she headed north where she was an Instructional Designer and Training Manager for Raytheon and Lucent in the Boston area.  She then consulted for the Government Printing Office and the Architect of the Capitol in Washington, DC where she received a certificate in Museum Studies from George Washington University.  She has designed and developed museum web sites and Teacher Resources for the Smithsonian.  Anne-Marie returned to her home state of Michigan in May of 2005 and worked for Ford Motor Company Asia Pacific Marketing (two years) and in faculty development at Wayne State University for two years.  She now teaches online for Colorado Technical University.  Courses include Action Research in Nicaragua, Usability and Interaction and Social Media Strategies for Business.


3 thoughts on “Bio”

  1. Yes, but are you the same Anne Marie Armstrong who was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras in 1968-70? If so, some fellow RPCVs from there want to contact you about being on a master list and possibly attending a reunion in October. No strings. And if so, for further info, please contact me. I was in Group V, 1965-67. Cheers.

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