Some WOWs here for the animators learning about cultural considerations

3D Animation for Transferring Technology to the Community in Rural, International Journal of Knowledge Engineering, Vol. 2, No. 4, December 2016, Ambar Yoganingrum, Wahyoe Soeprihantoro, Agusto W. Martosudirdjo, and Ira Maryati

Not only does the animation help the rural communities learn how to make devices that can help in their daily lives, but the animators and researchers took the time to adapt the users’ needs and the users’ language to the animation.

“This research aims to analyze the usage of 3D animation for transferring technology to the rural community as well remote area. The technology in this research is an appropriate technology consisting of solar drying cabinet (SDC) and sealer as well as reservoir. Meanwhile the community is people who live in Tanjung Batang Island, a small Island in Indonesia. Interview and observation are employed in data collection. The result shows that the content of the media has to be revised by using local terms as well as more focused and detailed. The conclusion is that 3D animation could be a prospective media for transferring technology to the rural community without assistance.”

Academic selfies, self-promotion and other narcissistic behavours

Have to try a few of the described techniques. I agree with the writer. Since we have been brought up by a generation that thinks self-promotion is crass, we are sometimes at a disadvantage.

I would add, however, that our generation seems to know how to use the word and can easily overcome this deficit. Also, having a professional and artistic value, words can be interpreted by like-minded others who will discern the “pure” self-promotion from the desire to share scholarly and research interests.

Academic selfies, self-promotion and other narcissistic behavours.

Social Media Solutions to real problems

An example of how we do not have to be alone with our problems. These violinists used youtube and twitter when faced with “sidewalk bureaucrats.”
Check out the story. Had a similar experience with the airlines which also seemed to have been solved using Twitter.

For Sharing, Interesting Data Visualization, Interactive

Wanted to share this article about an interactive visualization of what happens in Congress.  Data visualization and dashboard design are two new aspects to be covered in the course Usability and Interaction.


Hoaxes in the Media

Was truly surprised about the number of hoaxes found in the so called “legitimate” media.  Granted many of these stories are “fluff” but some  readers do take them way too seriously.  Also, of course, can one believe this media story is valid?

Check out this article from USA TODAY:

Rieder: A flurry of hoaxes bedevil the media