Possible uses in law and order

Challenges and Opportunities in using Analytics Combined with Visualisation Techniques for Finding Anomalies in Digital Communications, Mithileysh Sathiyanarayanan, City, University of London, UK, Cagatay Turkay,  https://www.academia.edu/33308750/Challenges_and_Opportunities_in_using_Analytics_Combined_with_Visualisation_Techniques_for_Finding_Anomalies_in_Digital_Communications

The concepts described in this paper will lead to a more efficient way to analyse digital communications including emails.

Another NYT Media Adventure


Graphic Storytelling Grows Up

This time, the Times Sunday magazine was published in an all comics issue telling 12 stories of the city.  Graphic fiction has become a big seller and provides an outlet for visual storytelling.  This electronic version of the magazine has the potential to be used by students as a model for story telling and as an alternative to traditional essay or report writing.  Opens up a variety of presentation styles for instructional designers who believe in universal design for all learners.  The prestige of the New York Times gives value to the media and enhances the professionalism of graphic storytellers.