5D vs. 6D

25 Feb

The blog was developed by some colleagues and myself. 5D Digital Communication stands for design, develop, direct, deliver and distribute new and emerging media products. Recently I was introduced to a training and development concept called 6Ds. 6ds
I like the way the 6D model begins with define. Reminds me of problem solving. No problem can really be solved until it is identified and perhaps that is the same as defined. Do not see any “develop” in the 6D model and although there is some difference between Deliver for application and Deploy performance support, they appear to be very close. Document is good.

Found this extremely helpful for using video in training/education

8 Feb

Read this from a group in Linkin. Really useful information with details of use and design for this video enhancement of training. Looks like fun, too.

Using video effectifely in training

Web Design

6 Feb

So now that Illustration and Design course has completed, am now taking a Web design course from Adobe using Muse. They have several products that support muse including Adobe Comp for wire framing. Here is an example: wireframe2

Also of interest is this article from Fast Company on “invisible design”


Designing a Wall poster or Wall sticker

2 Feb

Apparently you can now design a large sticker to be placed on a wall in your house or business. This is one attempt.

My movie poster, black and white and …

27 Jan

So black and white and grey are significant when you think about the decisions, judgements and commissions/omissions that took place in the real story that is Spotlighted. Go see the movie. Learning to use graphic design to convey ideas and opinions.

Some watercolor land and city scapes

24 Jan

For Wild Goose Creative:


New Logo

22 Jan